Met the love of my life two years ago. A best friend to 5 wild girls. & Apart of an amazing family.

There's always more memories to make, sun rises to watch, and adventures to have.

In My Play Pretend

You are strong, keep movin' on.




My favorite window looks the best when it’s raining because it’s big and all of the raindrops stick like magnets and it makes me feel great.

i want an apartment in the city


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You’ve got an awfully kissable mouth. - F. Scott Fitzgerald, Bernice Bobs Her Hair (via girlchoking)

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Don’t ever feel bad for making a decision that upsets other people. You are not responsible for their happiness. You are responsible for your happiness. - Isaiah Henkel (via weareallgettingby)

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The sunset was perfect for these shots


~Nature n stuff~

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